Zoo, age 10 (video)

Video installation

Total Environment partial view, Maggie there (Maggie here)_2012, Zoo, age 10_2007, Maggie here (Maggie there)_2012

Total Environment partial view, Zoo, age 10_2007

Zoo, age 10_2007, video still

Zoo, age 10_2007, video still

Zoo, Age 10 is a photo-based video portrait of the artist’s son Zoo that gathers the 20,000 images she collected in her archive (from when her son was born to the day he turned 10) and projects them at 12 images/second. IT and multi-media specialist Roberto Cipriani in Milano created an algorithm that seamlessly reshuffles the image file order once all the images have been seen so that the viweing order and juxtapositions between sequences is never the same. The video ends when it has run for 10 years. A digital timer, visible at the bottom of the projection, keeps track of the length of time Zoo, age 10 has been viewed, highlighting the quickness of the instant in relation to the expanse of 10 year video duration. Milano-based sound designer and composer Lorenzo Magnaghi helped extend 8 min of a classical instrumental pastoral to 10 hrs, turning a comprehensible classical piece into an extenuating ebb and flow of suspended sound.

A child appears as one person in a universe of family and friends, expanding the idea of the individual, and portrait, to include his community and lived environment.

This video is a 20 minute demo during which the entire archive is viewed once.