Looking for time (loft) (video installation)

Video projection and ceramic vase dyptich

looking for time (mom in loft), 2007, video projection and ceramic pitcher 55cm x 40 x 50, duration 18 minute loops

Looking for time (mom in loft)_2007, video projection and ceramic pitcher, 55x40x50 cm, duration: 18 minute loop

Video: A projection that stretches the instant of the snapshot to 16 minutes, guiding the eye into the space and across the surfaces of a single photographic image: a snapshot taken of the artist’s mother in 1997, capturing a moment of deep melancholy. The viewer is drawn into a haptic and spatial relationship with the objects depicted, pushing the image beyond pictorial fixity and photographic instantaneity. A woman, her hand caressing a desk, a moving box, a vase of awkwardly and hastily arranged flowers create a strange portrait. A possible story begins to emerge from the trance-like, lingering camera.

The piece creates another form of being in and feeling time, as well another way of being with an image. Painting (eg Chardin) and early photography (eg. Talbot, Niepce) are invoked as works that, pre-dating our contemporary rhythm of image fruition, inhabited time worlds akin to Cardelus’.

Pitcher: An oversized ceramic vase (the artist’s recreation of the vase visible in the snapshot) with mirrored glaze stands adjacent to the projection, reflecting the projection light. The vase was made by the artist with traditional coil technique that endows the object with a built-in, looping temporality sympathetic to the adjacent, looping, time-based video.