Descendents_2003, 320x60 cm, cut out photographs

Total Environment partial view, Descendents_2003, By way of total withdrawl_2012

Total Environment partial view

descendents, 2003, 45cm diameter cut out photographs

Descendents_2003, 45 cm diameter, cut out photographs

For Descendents, Cardelús used a snapshot of the her daughter to make portraits of her descendents. Setting out to create photographs of her future grand-daughter and the next three generations, the artist cut-out a photograph of her daughter to create a portrait of an imagined future grand-daughter. She then photographed the cut-out, printed it, and cut it out again to make the next portrait, her great grand-daughter, in the process losing more image information. Cardelús then repeated this for a total of four generations, losing more and more of the image with each iteration.