Zoo, age 5

Laura’s inheritance

White piece with gold, purple, green, yellow, and red

Total Environment (2014)

Laura, almost 12

Collaboration with Julie de Libran for Sonia Rykiel, Readywear, Fall/Winter, 2016


Laura in Quogue



Emergent phenomena

Tending to Black

Tending to black

Tending to beginnings and ends (five mothers)

Tending to beginnings and ends (five mothers)

Tending to the moon

Tending to the holes and windows of the brain

Tending to silent need

Tending to a feeling of detachment

Silent choir

Tending to a first twenty seconds

Three hundred trees

Laura at the dinnertable

Residency in South Africa

Residency in India, 2013

Residency in Malaysia, 2013

Quogue Family Portrait

Doing life

Doing life: D/Innertime (performance)

Doing life: Happy Birthday to me

Doing life: Laura, the throbbing pink spot, and the mysterious yellow light

Doing life: A Rainy Day Transfiguration of Laura

Laura unraveling with style

Birthday flowers at 50 and 13 (video)

Doing life: Maggie there (Maggie here)

Doing life: Maggie here (Maggie there)

By way of organized emptiness

By way of controlling uncontrollable forces

Doing life: By way of 500 generations of stretched bellybuttons

A mother’s mother’s mother

A father’s mother’s mother

Doing life: The making of us

Doing life: By way of total withdawl

Doing life: Making sense of all the dead people

Doing life: By way of pressed apache plumes

Doing life: by way of pressed Queen Anneís Lace

Doing life: by way of pressed pink Queen Anneís lace

Doing life: by way of pressed pressed alyssium

Doing Life: by way of pressed flowers

Doing life: by way of pressed love grass

Doing life: by way of pressed leopard lilies

Doing life: By way of pressed broom grass

Doing life: by may of pressed lavande

Collaboration with Miroglio Textile: Silk and Linen Print Designs

Laura, almost 12

Wall installation in Laura, almost 12

A mother’s birth

Laura’s great great grandmother

Laura, almost 12 (2)

Laura in the flow

Laura’s brother at the other end of the rainbow


Zoo on Laura

Bright flashes

Zoo, age 15


Slice of space


Unraveling time


Zoo on Zoo (performance and wall mural)

Primordial sea

Family snapshot

Then and Now series

Something has to stay (video), Japan

Something has to stay (excerpt)

Echigo Forest with Zoo, Japan

Residency in Japan, 2009

Looking for time

Zoo, age 10 (video)

Looking for time (Quogue) (video installation)

Looking for time (loft) (video installation)

Looking for time (Quogue living room)

Looking for time (mom in loft)

Looking for time (messy loft)

Looking for time (window in quogue)

Ela, en expanding portrait

Birthday flowers (video book)

Birthday flowers (A Sculpture for a former Church) (video)

Cold Emily

Sick Fede

Lala’s bullfight with beautiful lady

Lala’s bullring

Lala’s bullfighter with priest and two ladies

Lala’s bullfight with mysterious man

Tio Perico in Venice

Lala’s bullfighter

Lala’s Magic man



View from my mother’s house

Thunderstorm and wild geese like the ones that fly over the bay

Fuzzy Zoo

Laura’s head

Bird people

Bird people

Fatima flying

Turi with wings

Flying Zoo

Sisters dancing

Zoo as sky, sky as Zoo

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

Still life video still

Gathering jellyfish

A brief history of the photograph

Zoo and Dennis

Laura as sun and stars

Like fireworks in the sky


Composition in red, white and blue

Zoo’s Days

Zoo when it rains

Zoo breathing in

Zoo breathing out

Zoo when it snows

Flower Zoo


Laura’s Inheritance

Flower portrait


Laura’s Belly

Black pearl


Sisters, six years later


Bella and Zoo


Ashes to ashes


Zoo as Fish

Paola and Gus


Flower trail

Laura with a Splinter

Vanishing points

Vanishing points: light piece with light (setting sun)

Vanishing points: long white piece with colors (ocean horizon)

Vanishing points: shadow piece with shadows (house)


August 10

Emily sleeping

Continental divide (Mother and Father)

Hearth pieces

Doris crying

Tia Pochola and Annie talking

Lala and Zoo

Nonna Laura


Freddie with colored balls

Emily and Zoo in the Barbie car


White pieces

Conversations in NY

White heavy head

White piece with colors

Labor Day flowers

Tia Charo and Sarah


Long after right after: conversations all the time

Catherine’s temptations

Emily and Zoo singing


Mediations 1-6

Zoo as bird



Stretched lace


Cut crystal candy dish


Cue to a monologue series

Cue to a monologue (bra)

Mother with towels

Mom with Indian shawl

l’Origine du monde

Four sisters in Argentina

Bouquet in a niche

Four sisters

Residency in New York City